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On-site at Yoga Roots are independent practitioners offering healing arts services such as massage, yoga therapy, holistic rehabilitation, and nutrition counseling. Please contact these practitioners directly for more information.

Heidi White Kvasnak, Yoga and relaxation coach xxx
Heidi White Kvasnak
Yoga & Relaxation Coach
Certified in Yoga Therapeutics for
physical, emotional & spiritual health
(802) 310-2987

    Why schedule a private yoga session?
  • You love yoga but you keep injuring yourself
  • You feel stressed out and have physical symptoms related to stress
  • You want to learn about safe alignment and how to break down a pose and improve your practice
  • You want to create a home practice or a customized practice that you can take with you wherever you go
  • I can be the bridge that aligns you with your true blueprint physically, emotionally and energetically
I have 12 years of experience studying the physical, emotional and energetic layers of the mind, body and spirit. I am passionate about working privately with clients because there are simple practices that can make lasting and life altering changes. I believe that the only thing we can count on that is truthful and steadily available is the inner, quiet and loving space of our being. Learning to relax in to that space and trust it, is a life-long practice that leads to healing and living fully, with intention and a sense of great freedom, joy and peace.
    Let me help you . . .
  • Learn to get in to your body and celebrate it.
  • Open yourself to the wonder that you are.
  • Get comfortable speaking and sharing your truth
  • Learn to create space for YOU and to be in charge of your life
  • Create a yoga and meditation practice that speaks to you on all levels of your life
  • Release emotions and experiences of your past and reside in the beauty of NOW
  • Live a purpose-filled and joyful life no matter what circumstances present themselves

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