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Anusara Inspired - Beginner
Learn to integrate the foundations of yoga: breathing techniques, postural alignment (using the Universal Principals of Alignment) and how to be more present to your mind, body and spirit. You will learn how to build strength and balance by creating a solid foundation that is rooted in good alignment, body awareness, breath and heart.

Anusara Inspired- Level I
For the experienced beginner and anyone who wants to learn more about safe alignment from the foundation of a pose on up, breathing techniques (Pranayama) and life affirming yogic inspiration

Anusara Inspired- Level I/II
This multi-level class takes what you learned in the Level I class to the next stage. With precise alignment instructions and heart oriented themes you will learn variations on standing poses, balancing poses as well how to safely break down handstand, wheel and other level II poses

Core Flow
Get in touch with your core and feel more powerful and stable in your body! Inspired and informed by my Barre practice, this flow class will help restore and strengthen the muscles in the core and also the muscles deep in the body that support the spine. Each class will incorporate vinyasa, breath and traditional core work. Suitable for students that enjoy a challenge.

Gentle Kripalu
Start your week off with a yoga practice that will restore, replenish, and revive you! 'Kripalu' means 'compassion,' and this themed class will guide you through a range of mindful meditation, breathwork, and gentle to moderate poses that invite you to come home to yourself, just as you are. A variety of props and restorative postures will be offered to meet students at every level.

Gentle Yoga
Practice gentle asana sequences to calm your mind and open and strengthen your body. Breathing techniques and the use of props will help you develop a deeper connection with the inner core of your being. You can expect a gentle, playful approach with attention to right action more than form. This class is suitable for all levels and is especially healing for those dealing with arthritis, osteoporosis and carpel tunnel syndrome as well as those recovering from illness or injury.

Heated Vinyasa Flow
This class is an invigorating Vinyasa Flow class taught in a heated environment (80 to 85 degrees) that stretches the body, mind, and spirit while toning the muscles, increasing range of motion of the joints, and releasing toxins through breath and sweat. This class is open to all levels.

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of radiance. Each class includes movement, mantra (sound), mudras (hand gestures), meditations and wonderful music. This joyful practice will guide you toward the awakening of your true self – your Sat Nam.

This weekly hour-long meditation time is a wonderful gift you can give to yourself. Learn how to still the chatter in your mind and enjoy dropping in to your quiet center. Teachers will guide you and teach a variety of meditation methods since this is not a “one shoe fits all” practice. Scientifically proven to reduce stress and create the conditions for vitality, greater focus and health.

Morning Flow
An energizing Vinyasa Flow that will kick start your morning and inspire you to move through the rest of your day with intention and ease. This class unites body and breath by integrating rhythmic breathing with conscious movement. This class is open to all levels.

Prenatal Yoga
Prepare for a peaceful and positive birth! Yoga is helpful in assisting a mother throughout her pregnancy. It centers and opens the body, while relieving tension in preparation for birth and the journey into motherhood. In this class, students will learn poses and modifications for all stages of pregnancy while also developing relaxation and breathing techniques that are valuable during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Prenatal Yoga is also a great way to share and connect with other pregnant moms.

Restorative Yoga
Give yourself the healing gift of conscious relaxation with this deeply therapeutic style of Restorative Yoga. Let stresses and tension melt away as you are guided through 3-4 longer-held, fully supported postures. Guided imagery, breath work, and music are used to deepen the relaxation response to balance body, mind, and spirit. Besides a gentle warm-up to prepare the body, your only job is to let go and receive. You will emerge rooted, radiant, and revitalized.

Slow Yoga
Essentially a slowed-down version of a gentle Kripalu yoga class. All ages are welcome, but classes are designed for seniors, and slow movement can be safer, especially for stiff bodies; tight muscles may need time to relax and stretch. Classes include lots of options and detailed suggestions to help students explore their bodies and find the best stretches. More time can also allow experienced practitioners to go deeper into a stretch. Students are encouraged to let their bodies guide them and go only as far as feels safe in each posture. Beginners are welcome.

Sweat & Surrender
Sweat & Surrender Come experience a blissful balance of strength and surrender. The first 45 minutes of class is a heat-building vinyasa practice for strength, flexibility, and balance. Practiced in candlelight, the last 30 minutes will focus on deeply opening yin postures, which are held for 3-5 minutes each. Yin yoga helps release tension, supports the immune system and calms the nervous system.

Teen Yoga
Join other teens for a fun hour of flowing sequences, balancing postures, backbends, and inversions. All poses are introduced in a safe way to prevent injury and learn limits. In addition to the physical postures, this class also features breathwork and meditation to promote self-awareness and relaxation. All double digit ages welcome. No yoga experience necessary.

Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa Flow consciously links the movement of the body to the movement of the breath. This class is a dynamic, flowing practice which leads you through a balanced series of postures to strengthen and build flexibility, promoting physical stamina and a sense of deep inner calm. The sequence, or "flow", can be different in each class, even with the same teacher. Vinyasa Flow is appropriate for any ability level, from beginner to advanced practitioner.

Vinyasa Flow Level I
This strong but accessible class is appropriate for the new yogi who would like to continue building confidence and strength, or the experienced yogi looking for a slower moving flow with fewer chaturangas! Focus on linking breath and movement with sequences that will improve strength, increase energy and end your day with an overall sense of calm.

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